5 Tips to Choose a Mattress for a Good Night Sleep

A comfortable mattress for good night sleep

Do you know that when it comes to pursuing that peaceful night’s sleep, you’ll need to look out for brands or mattress types or even bed functions?

No one wants to ruin their good night’s sleep because of an uncomfortable or unsuitable mattress. Unfortunately, even a new mattress doesn’t necessarily make you sleep better, either. It is this time when you have to find where it goes wrong with your mattress so that you can have a peaceful sleep again.

Here, you’ll discover that there are other things that will help you sleep soundly, one of which is finding out whether a soft, medium-firm, or firm mattress actually works best for your sleep!

Mattress Types

One of the most common tips when it comes to buying a new mattress is to determine the perfect mattress type for you. These are either a memory foam mattress, a latex mattress, an innerspring mattress, or a hybrid mattress.

According to SleepFoundation, memory foam possesses several qualities in making it a good material for mattresses, including contouring, sink, and palpable response. The material “hugs” your body curves and angles. Aside from being adaptive to pressure, it’s pliable to heat, so your body won’t feel stiff for lying down for too long as the contour “melts” as time goes by, resulting in a more comfortable feel compared to the standard polyurethane foam.

If you suffer from a certain allergic reaction, you may wish to go with an all-natural material such as latex mattresses. Latex comes from the sap of a rubber tree, and it was Dunlopillo that introduced the use of latex as a mattress material. The mattress is bouncier compared to its foam counterpart and is a perfect choice for sleepers who can’t stand the sultry night as it has a cooling property.

As for the type which you might frequently see on the market, innerspring mattresses are loved by many for their bounciness and firmness that come from steel coils used to support the weight.

On the other hand, hybrid mattresses are the latest trend that comes with foam top layers and coils which work best for pressure relief and support.

Determine the Perfect Firmness

Comfy, soft mattress materials that may be favoured by some people don’t always do the job well for others–in fact, some people prefer firmer feels to their mattresses. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose a mattress based on the level of firmness it has. While determining the perfect firmness may be tricky, it actually depends on your preference as well as your weight.

Your weight and body type contribute to your preference when it comes to mattress firmness. Those with leaner body types don’t need to worry much about sinking through the materials, while those with heavier weights can consider incorporating more firmness into their mattresses.

As for those looking for a supportive mattress, keep in mind that you don’t always have to go for the sturdier mattress as you can find mattresses with good support that come in any level of firmness. In short, support isn’t equal to firmness, so sleepers who seek mattresses with good support can pick any firmness they prefer.

Consider both you and your partner’s sleeping position

Some people tend to sleep like a log, while many others toss and turn between different positions. Regardless of these habits, everyone has his own favoured sleeping position. And choosing the right mattress often has to do with the sleeping position you frequent. 

Basically, how people sleep can be categorised into a back sleeper, side sleeper, stomach sleeper, or some combination of the three. If you’re a back sleeper, you may wish to purchase a mattress with a medium firm feel. Any mattress will do for a back sleeper, but you can consider getting a hybrid mattress.

For a side sleeper, you may need deep pressure relief at the shoulders and hips. A memory foam mattress can be your best bet as the material is gentle while specifically designed with pressure relief in mind.

On the other hand, you may wish to steer clear of a mattress that is too soft if you consider yourself a stomach sleeper. An innerspring or hybrid mattress with good support will keep away your hip to sink out of alignment with the rest of the spine.

Stick to your budget

You’ll never go wrong with setting a budget for purchasing a mattress. Depending on the brands and materials, you’ll find endless options that come at different prices. For economical folks, you can try Max Coil’s and IKEA’s mattresses as they offer decent products at affordable prices (starting from as cheap as S$59!). 

If you’re after high-end mattress choices, try Slumberland. They offer an extensive collection of mattresses for differing styles and health purposes that come with cutting-edge technology.

Choose the Best Mattress Brand in Singapore

After doing some reading on shopping for mattress tips, it’s finally time to find that one mattress that will make your sleep a peaceful experience as well as benefit your health. GoCompare.sg has gathered a comprehensive list of the best mattress brands in Singapore to choose from, from the popular Dunlopillo and King Koil to local brands that cater to your special needs, such as Heveya and Willow with their natural organic latex mattresses. So, make sure to check our website out!