6 Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Rings

A close-up image of a gleaming wedding ring with a sparkling diamond set on a band made of white gold. The ring exhibits intricate detailing and a classic design, symbolizing eternal love and commitment.

While many couples may enjoy the exciting experience of shopping for wedding rings, it can be a confusing process as it is more than looking for a matched pair of bands. They have to consider personal preferences as a couple (which can be different from each other!), the budget, and other factors that may not cross their mind before.

Jewellery stores will help couples with choosing their preferred styles and are more than happy to find the right sizing of the rings. However, it’s always nice to have a grasp of the process for a more efficient experience before you start shopping.

Fret not–we have compiled a list of pro tips for choosing the perfect wedding bands to ease you out of the difficult situation, so keep on reading.

Discuss your preferred styles

When it comes to styles of wedding bands, you and your partner may have different tastes that you have to settle on. Think about the pieces you two already own or ask yourself–as well as your partner–what catches your eye when shopping for one to decide on a matching style.

There are some customisation options available in the market regarding the casings or the diamond cuts. Wedding bands usually come in different shades of gold, be it the standard yellow gold, white gold, or the current trend: rose gold. For yellow gold, there are two options: 916 and 999. 916 is sturdier than 999 and is usually recommended for everyday wear. 

Couples can also opt for platinum or other precious metals for the casings. As for diamond cuts, there are countless models that you can consult your jeweller. Not to mention the styles you’re seeking: you can choose between modern pieces or timeless pairs.

If you’re looking for a simple yet elegant pair of diamond rings for your wedding, eClarity has everything that you need. They even offer unique designs for you who love some twists to your rings. eClarity specialises in crafting premium certified diamond jewellery, so rest assured that you’ll get the perfect wedding rings of your dream.

A big fan of pure gold? Then opt for Poh Heng Jewellery, a well-established jeweller specialising in crafting pure gold. You can go for the classic bands or ones adorned with diamonds. They also provide engraving services for your rings.

Determine the budget

Determining your budget before the actual shopping is another important thing to do. It’s better to stick to your budget when you’re setting foot in the jewellery shop of your choice. That way, you can save yourself the disappointment and also helps with narrowing down your selection. It will also allow the jeweller to assist you better.

Ready to wear VS bespoke wedding rings

Sometimes, the ready-made bands we find in the stores do not really meet our expectations for our dream wedding rings. Or, you two are considering custom-made pieces which uniquely serve as special mementoes for your wedding. This is the time when you may consider bespoke wedding rings for your upcoming big day.

La Putri is one of many boutiques in Singapore offering a bespoke service with a high level of customisation. Their pieces are individually crafted and one-of-a-kind, using only natural gemstones and mainly 18kt gold. Simply consult with them about your design and they will happily create and propose some designs for your viewing and remarks.

Even if you’re on a budget, you can always go with a custom option you love. Lucy & Mui is among the most affordable jewellery designers in Singapore who offer bespoke, exquisite jewellery to cater for couples looking for personalised wedding bands. Don’t shy away from enquiring them about your requests, they will be happy to answer all your questions.

Find a pair that suits your lifestyle

Depending on your lifestyle, you may consider which ring works best for you. Titanium and tungsten are good choices for active couples. These precious metals do not bend or scratch easily and are more durable than other metals.

Venus Tears Jewellery also gives their takes on this, suggesting couples with active lifestyles get a wedding band without too many diamonds to avoid the chances of the precious gemstones dropping off. They also recommend forged rings as these pieces are two times more durable than casted rings.

Start shopping early

You don’t want to rush your wedding ring shopping and end up choosing the wrong pair, so it’d be better if you start looking for the perfect wedding rings as far as six months in advance of the wedding. Bespoke rings take time to be created. Off-the-rack rings would also need time for re-sizing. Engraving would also require time. With all these needing time, remember to factor this into your timeline. 

Do some research

This is one of the perks of starting your research on wedding bands early: you have more time to find a jewellery shop that you can trust. You also don’t want to waste your bucks on some pricey pieces that may be a whole lot cheaper in another store.

Nowadays, most businesses have their own website pages or channels to reach out to customers more easily. Get the most out of the internet to do some research on the stores you’ve been eyeing and compare each of them in terms of the prices, features, after-sales services, and other perks that you can benefit from.

If it’s too much work to do, you can visit GoCompare.sg and find comparisons on your wedding rings there. Simply use the filter to sort out the aspect you’re focusing on–for instance, the price–and you’re all set! It makes your shopping experience a whole lot easier.

With our tips, now choosing the perfect wedding rings is no longer a hassle. Find your dream pair on GoCompare.sg now.