About the Company

Encompassed with a range of luxurious yet affordable collections synonymous to the contemporary beauty, Chaloné envisages the inner sensuality of modern women who embraces the vibrant and dynamism of this cosmopolitian era. It is the epic of Chaloné. Coupled with a passion for style and fashion, profound understanding of the female body and trend settling minds to deliver innovative designs and products, Chaloné possessed the ability to create a fusion of romance and sensuality with sumptuous taste and salient styles of lingerie selections. Enhanced with excellent product knowledge and precise fitting counselling, Chaloné strives to create an unforgettable experience that narrates pure indulgence, privacy and intimacy.

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Brands: Ysabel Mora, Bye Bra, Chalone, Marie Jo, Miraclesuit
Offers a wide range of Bra, Panties, Lingerie, and Shapewear of different types as well as their accessories

Price starts from SGD19-79

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