About the Company

Learning to swim can be a fun experience however, finding the best swimming instructor for swimming lessons here in Singapore can be frustrating. Register with us to take the load off you! Having been in the swimming scene for many years, Able Aquatic School’s team of coaches are very experienced and we also developed our own swim training program for each of our swimmers. Our swimming lessons for children, kids, adults and special needs are also held in most swimming complexes and condominium pools around Singapore. “Able Aquatic School really knows how to build camaraderie with his young students. Seeing just how great they are with kids, it is no wonder my son always look forward to his weekly swimming lesson.

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Swimming Programs: Baby Swimming Lessons, Toddler Swimming Lessons, Kids / Children Swimming Lessons, Adult Swimming Lessons, Special Needs Swimming Lessons
Our swimming instructors who specialized in Adult Swimming Lessons uses a powerful swimming teaching system to ensure your success. One such example includes under water videography for strokes analysis.
Able Aquatic School provides swimming equipment during training.

Price starts from S$260