About the Company

Academy of Image Mastery, founded by Christina Ong, Asia’s first AICI Certified Image Master, offers comprehensive image consulting courses and masterclasses, empowering individuals to transform their personal and professional image through a unique blend of East-meets-West training, expert faculty, and international best practices, ultimately leading to confident and successful careers as world-class image consultants.

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Academy of Image Mastery offers a range of comprehensive courses and masterclasses in image consulting, color mastery, business etiquette, and personal branding to elevate your professional and personal success.
AICI CEU-Approved Competency-Based Courses at AIM puts you on track for professional certification by AICI.
Technical Expertise: Gain in-depth technical knowledge in image, visual design, apparel, and color theory to provide expert advice to clients.
Professional Development: Learn to market and provide image consulting services, expanding your skills to deliver value to clients and grow your business.
Business Management: Develop skills in organizing, managing, and ethical business practices, essential for running a successful image consulting business.
Foundational and Advanced Programs: Choose from foundational and next-level courses, each designed to equip you with essential skills and advance your career.
AIM Masterclass™: Deepen your image management knowledge through specialized masterclasses led by international thought leaders in image consulting and related fields.
Resource Tools: Access AIM's proprietary ColourSmart™ system and other comprehensive resources to excel in color analysis, consultations, and client services.
Personalized Guidance: Receive personalized guidance through one-on-one calls to ensure you choose the right course aligned with your goals and needs.

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