About the Company

Activ.Co is Singapore’s first hybrid women-only fitness studio offering a welcoming environment for all experience levels. Their certified instructors lead a variety of group classes designed to empower women, from beginners to those recovering from injuries or even pre/postnatal clients. Activ.Co prioritizes ongoing education for their instructors to ensure clients receive the most up-to-date and effective workouts. With convenient locations in Tampines (East) and Woodlands (North), Activ.Co makes achieving your fitness goals a reality without the hassle of traveling to crowded city centers.

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Variety of Classes: Offers a wide range of classes catering to different fitness levels (beginner to advanced) and interests (e.g., reformer pilates, yoga, strength & circuit training, martial arts-inspired FitMuay & BoxFit).
Women-Only Environment: Provides a supportive and comfortable space for women to train.
Qualified Instructors: All instructors are certified and experienced.
Multiple Class Packages: Choose from various class packages (single or shareable) to fit your needs and budget.
Convenient Scheduling: Classes offered daily and throughout the week with various durations (45 minutes to 1 hour).
Personal training option available with the following details: Each session is 55 minutes in Activ.Co Studio.; Includes Weekly/Monthly Body Composition Analysis & Monthly Measurements; Personalised training plan for you; Split Payment Plans are available upon requests
Targeted Workouts: Some classes target specific goals like strength training (STRONG45/60), pre/postnatal fitness, and sculpting (SCULPT).

Price starts from S$175-360