About the Company

Activ.Co is Singapore’s first hybrid women-only fitness studio offering a welcoming environment for all experience levels. Their certified instructors lead a variety of group classes designed to empower women, from beginners to those recovering from injuries or even pre/postnatal clients. Activ.Co prioritizes ongoing education for their instructors to ensure clients receive the most up-to-date and effective workouts. With convenient locations in Tampines (East) and Woodlands (North), Activ.Co makes achieving your fitness goals a reality without the hassle of traveling to crowded city centers.

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Women-Only Environment: Train comfortably and confidently in a supportive space designed for women.
Stress Relief & Fitness: Release pent-up frustration and improve overall fitness through high-energy workouts.
Boxing Techniques: Learn basic boxing moves like punching, kicking, jumping rope, and shadowboxing.
Cardio & Strength Training: Combine boxing elements with cardiovascular conditioning and strength exercises for a full-body workout.
Variety & Intensity: Choose BoxFit for a high-intensity workout or FitMuay for a structured program lasting 45 minutes.
Qualified Instructors: Benefit from the guidance of certified female trainers who can help you achieve your fitness goals.
Personal training option available with the following details: Each session is 55 minutes in Activ.Co Studio.; Includes Weekly/Monthly Body Composition Analysis & Monthly Measurements; Personalised training plan for you; Split Payment Plans are available upon requests

Price starts from S$175-360