About the Company

Founded in 1922, Tunturi has been a trailblazer in the fitness industry since introducing the world’s first home exercise bike ergometer in 1969. With a legacy of nearly a century, we continue to innovate, offering a comprehensive selection of cardio machines, strength equipment, and accessories designed for convenient and effective workouts. Committed to enhancing well-being, our goal is to help individuals feel better every day by providing the tools for accessible and versatile exercise experiences.

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Cardio Excellence: Tunturi provides a diverse range of cardio equipment, including hometrainers, recumbent bikes, crosstrainers, sprinter bikes, rowers, and treadmills, designed for optimal fitness workouts.
Strength Empowerment: The strength training lineup encompasses power towers, abdominal & core trainers, leverage gyms, flat benches, home gyms, smith machines, pulley stations, utility benches, weight benches, and racks—tailored for achieving strength goals.
Comprehensive Accessories: Tunturi's accessory collection covers functional training, digital counters, free weights, resistance training, speed & agility, support items, yoga & Pilates gear, gymballs, mats, minibikes/aerobic trainers, handgrip trainers, core training tools, push & pull-up equipment, jumpropes, and boxing & martial arts gear.
Fitness Variety: Supporting different fitness interests, Tunturi offers specialized gear for boxing, yoga, functional training, massage, and cardio workouts.
App Integration: Tunturi integrates technology with fitness through apps, enhancing the overall user experience.

Price starts from S$328-3688