About the Company

AIBI is an established international brand with a long heritage. Since 1985, we have been expanding our brand both domestically and internationally and we boast to have the largest retail and brand presence in SEA and Australia.
AIBI as the market leader and trendsetter in fitness, we strive to bring in the newest, advanced, innovative and latest original products from around the world for the conveniences of the masses.
To satisfy the lifestyle, fitness, health and beauty needs for different people in every stage of their life, AIBI uses a holistic and modern approach to health with fitness as the core, supported by health and rounded with beauty in completion.

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Free delivery for orders above SGD100
0% interest for up to 12 months installment
Carries a wide array of sporting goods brands, including Body Solid, HOIST, Life Fitness, etc.
Also offers in-house gym equipment, such as: weight plate, speed rope, dumbbell, treadmill, etc.

Price starts from S$10-8980