About the Company

With a strong tradition in fitness, health and beauty, AIBI embarks on a whole new journey with AIBI Maxwell: The Wellness Playground in the city. We are committed to developing customised programs to help you get the most out of life. Situated at 30 Maxwell Road, AIBI Maxwell is a holistic wellness facility devoted to inspiring our community towards life-long wellness. From fitness classes to mindfulness programs, AIBI Maxwell has various offerings designed for people from all walks of life.

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MW Space bringing you a variety of ever-changing wellness-focused events
A variety of fitness and wellness-centric programs, including yoga, gym, HIIT, ride
Amenities: Showers, Lockers, Mats, Towels, Parking, Cafe, Communal Space
Huugs Collective provides exceptional specialty coffee and delectable treats at everyday prices
Re: Spin - Indoor Rhythmic Cycling, First in Singapore to carry Johnny G Signature Spirit Bikes, Themed-Classes For a More Convivial Experience

Price starts from SGD40-850