About the Company

Alpha Drive began in 2014 renting out luxury and sports vehicles for short-term, but has extended our services to include car rentals for private-hire drivers, and long term car leasing in Singapore. We’ve served thousands of satisfied customers and focus on delivering premium car rentals at affordable rates, with an emphasis on reliability, speed and comfort. We’ve built our reputation on close relations with our customers, beyond the excellence in the vehicle that we rent. Our vision is to build a strong local presence offering a high quality “one-stop” service for long term and short term car rentals.

GoCompare view on Alpha Drive Car Rental & Leasing

All cars come fully equipped: automatic transmission, Bluetooth connectivity, and an in-car camera
Rented cars including Audi, Jaguar, and Bentley
24-hour towing services
Accepts VISA, Mastercard, NETS, cash, and internet-banking payments

Price starts from S$83

12 reviews