Andrew Khoo’s Aesthetic & Reconstructive Centre

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The Aesthetic & Reconstructive Centre (ARC) is an established practice in the field of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. ARC is located in Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre –one of Singapore’s finest private hospitals. We offer personally tailored treatments in all aspects of plastic and reconstructive surgery, carried out using modern non-invasive and surgical techniques in both cosmetic and reconstructive applications.

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Discussion of any procedure that a patient may be contemplating begins at the initial consultation (info delivered through the use text, diagrams, audiovisual aids including VR and clinical photographs).
Elegant yet comfortable private waiting and consultation rooms are specially designed to maximize patient comfort and discretion.
A fully equipped procedure room houses facilities for minor surgical procedures.
Services: Body Contouring with Liposuction, Fat Grafting for Body Contouring, Abdominoplasty, Brachyplasty and Thighplasty

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