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At Angel Confinement Meals, we boast a great team of experienced chefs and nutritionists to curate and prepare your confinement meals that are well-balanced and nutritional so that your body can recuperate from the delivery process. We take pride in choosing fresh and organic ingredients, along with premium Grade A TCM-approved herbs that are safe, efficient and provide your body with only what it needs to perfectly, replenished, reversed and restore.

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We have a team of experienced chefs and nutritionists to prepare your confinement meals.
Packages: Essential Confinement Meals, Vegetarian Confinement Meals, Rejuvenate Beauty Collagen Meals, Post Surgery Recovery Meals, Trial Meals
Using healthy, fresh ingredients, such as Organic Fresh Vegetables, Kampong Chicken, Beans, Seeds and Nuts, Healthier Oils, Rice, and other quintessential TCM herbs

Price starts from S$478-1688

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