About the Company

Aphrodite Image Consultancy believes in the power of first impressions and offers a unique approach to help individuals present their authentic selves. Instead of prescribing a “right” way to communicate or make an impression, they aim to inform and empower clients. Their focus is on identifying gaps between self-perception and how others see them, allowing for positive changes if desired. Aphrodite respects individual preferences and helps clients make effortless and genuine impressions in various situations.

GoCompare view on Aphrodite Image Consultancy

Emphasis on the importance of first impressions and the impact they have on various aspects of life.
Unique approach that focuses on informing clients rather than prescribing specific presentations.
Aims to help individuals reflect their authentic selves and make positive impressions effortlessly.
Respects individual preferences and helps clients bridge the gap between self-perception and how others perceive them.
Offers a range of services, including makeup, personal shopping, image management, and dining etiquette.

Price upon consultation