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Ariston is the global specialist in water heating and heating. It provides people all over the world with an extensive range of innovative and energy-conscious products designed to improve and simplify home life while being distinctive for: ENDURING QUALITY, RENEWABLE & HIGH-EFFICIENCY, and CARING FOR THE HOME AND THE PLANET. At Ariston, we develop the latest, most efficient technologies into accessible and connected solutions that use as little energy as possible and are designed for easy installation, operation and maintenance. Creating products that generate heating and hot water in the most efficient and renewable way possible, whatever their energy source, is the challenge we set ourselves every day. Italian in origin, we cherish the home as the centre of the family, so we make sure that every component is safe and reliable, that every product can be configured for the needs of each family, is supported by expert advice and service throughout its life and looks good in even the most stylish setting.

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Offers electric instant water heaters (tankless) as well as electric storage water heaters (tank)
The Aqua Ariston NET app enables you to control your product from remote, wherever you are.
Ariston's instant water heaters can be easily maintained, featuring total safety system, protection from water splash, offers constant temperature, energy saving, and shower profiles memory, among others
Ariston's storage water heaters features The Aqua Ariston NET WiFi technology, smart functioning with Eco Evo Slim, elegant, and space saving design, lifelong titanium heating element, and AG+ Silver Ion for greater hygiene

Price starts from S$129-499

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