About the Company

ATSmartHome started out by exploring various smart devices to improve our personal lifestyles. As we continue to upgrade our living experiences, we realise the joy and convenience that a smart home can bring to our lives. Hence, we are determined to bring our experiences to improve our customer’s lifestyles.

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Competitive Smart Switches Packages: Offering comprehensive packages for different room sizes and budgets.
Automated Smart Home Packages: Advanced packages with Möwe Zigbee Smart Switches, Gateway Hub, IR Smart Home Universal Remote, Smart Scenes Tap-To-Run Set Up, Google Home App Integration, Voice Command Routines Set Up, and more.
No Contracts, No Monthly Fees, No Hassles: A hassle-free experience with no long-term contracts or recurring fees.
Professional On-site App Configuration & Integration: Expert technicians ensure seamless integration and setup of smart home devices to maximize their functionality.
Exclusive Guidebook Access: Access to an exclusive guidebook with valuable insights and tips on optimizing smart home systems and devices.
In-person APP Tutorial: Personalized tutorials to help customers navigate and make the most of their smart home applications.
1+2 Years Warranty & FREE Re-Configuration: Assurance of a warranty period, and one-time free re-configuration within the first year to ensure smooth operation.
7 Days/Week Smart Home Support: Round-the-clock support for any smart home queries or technical assistance.
Smart Add-Ons: Offering a variety of smart home appliances and accessories, such as smart robot vacuums, smart kettles, smart kitchen appliances, induction hobs, ovens, and more.
Security & Sensors: A range of smart security devices, including video doorbells, smart sirens, smart cameras, gas detectors, smoke detectors, PIR motion sensors, door sensors, and more.
Electric & Lighting: Smart LED light strips, infra-red controllers, smart bulbs, and smart sockets to control lighting and electronic devices remotely.
User-Friendly App: Offering an intuitive mobile app that allows easy control and customization of smart home devices.

Price starts from S$2188-5888

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