About the Company

AXIOM is a boutique fitness space in Holland Village offering Indoor cycling and Strength training programs. We are committed to help you establish your foundations- we bring you from where you are, to where you want to be. With us, it’s all about progress not perfection. Our RHYTHM rides are beat based and include bike choreography as well as weighted upper body work. ROAD rides emphasise on building your overall power, RPM, distance and stamina. AXSTRENGTH (Foundation), AXSTRENGTH and AXMETCON are strength training programs. Held on our outdoor balcony training area, focuses on anaerobic exercises and muscle building. Working with barbells and weights for your fundamental compound movements means that each session will have a different intensity level. Our classes work in harmony to help you get stronger, fitter and more focused on your overall fitness goals. Join us at our Holland Village studio to get started!

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An intimate class setting of only four people per class
Studio amenities: Showers, Towels, Parking, Hairdryers, Lockers
Gym workouts: AX Foundation (compound lifts), AX Strength (strength and conditioning focused class), AX Metcon (maximising all energy systems, varying work-rest ratios and developing the after burn)

Price starts from SGD40-2950