About the Company

b8A is a bouldering playground where inclusivity rules – AFFORDABLE QUALITY CLIMBS FOR ALL. Our vision was to create an open welcoming space where EVERYONE would feel at home. Our smooth walls protect your skin and hone your footwork, the gentler wall angles are more accommodating, and the diverse problems will challenge and reward all but the most adept climbers. We also have Singapore’s first and only Grasshopper Board, so knock yourselves out! We’re also hoping to grow the popularity and accessibility of bouldering (and climbing) in Singapore. Bouldering is a great activity that awakens the body and sharpens the mind, perfect for solo outings or mucking around with friends. We want to expand bouldering’s reach amongst the masses and encourage the uninitiated to discover their inner gecko

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You can book b8A for a private event
Re-entries are allowed on the same day
One of four wall sections are reset every Saturday evening
Multi-passes may be shared with any number of people

Price starts from SGD15-164