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The perfect frock for your little bae, where making friends and building sand-castles are just some of her favourite pastimes. Produced in only the best cotton, our Bae Kaftan promises to keep her feeling light and looking cool, always. Each piece of our kaftan are hand-embroidered by women from the local community in Jaipur, India. As each piece is hand-stiched, every ‘Bae’ Kaftan is unique in itself. Our Vision is to add a sprinkle of happiness in the world through paying it forward. The ‘Bae’ collection aims to be a socially impactful range of products where a portion of its profit are channeled to New Light (www.newlightindia.org) which provides shelters and safe havens for children of sex workers amongst other initiatives. Hence, as the factory and its workers sustain a livelihood, the shelters are able to help more of the needy, our customers are able to enjoy a beautiful product and make a positive impact through their purchase and we are able to develop and launch more products and keep the cycle of happiness turning.

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Sustainably made of 100% luxe cotton
Women's collections: dresses, shirts, kaftans, kimonos
Other featured items: accessories and jaedals (sandals)
Popular for its cute hand-embroidered kaftans

Price starts from SGD72-188

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