About the Company

Founded in 2016 by siblings Yan and Tiat, Bespoke Fitness (定制健身房) operated as a commercial gym in one-north until 2022. Now we provide exclusive private training in our home gym for friends and neighbours. This takes the form of small groups or personal training. Vision: Transforming Lives Through Fitness™. Real fitness through proper exercise, nutrition and rest. 100% science based and data driven.
Our goal is for our clients to be injury free all-rounders. Meaning the 4 ‘S’s – Speed, Strength, Stamina and Shape.

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Also provide exclusive private training in our home gym
FitRX® classes offered In-Person, Remote, and Virtual
Conducted both Indoors & Outdoors with Natural Ventilation
Capacity: Class 4 pax, Bootcamp 12pax - 365 days - different workout daily
FitRX® is our homegrown signature 60 minute High Intensity Training (HIT™) class comprising calisthenics, resistance and burst cardio

Price starts from SGD38-340