About the Company

Everything that we do is done out of passion and driven by our dreams. From our humble beginning in 2014 as home-based mechanic/seller, till now with our very own physical store, our only hope is to allow more to experience the joys of cycling.

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Offers a wide range of Foldable Bikes, Mountain Bikes, and Cycling Accessories.
Brands carried: Crius, Fnhon, Ecosmo , Java, Trinx, Raleigh, Jamis, Sava
Also offers the following services: Bike Pick-up/ Drop-off, Bike Pick-up/ Drop-off, Wheel Truing, Fork Cutting, Gear Cable & Housing Replacement, Brake Cable, Bar Tape Wrapping, Drive Train, Overhaul (Full Strip), Bike Assembly, Cleaning, Inspecting & Greasing, Checking & Tuning, Tube Installation/ Replacement, Bike Maintenance (Warranty Claim), Tyre Installation/Replacement

Price starts from S$319-3499