About the Company

Bioskin uses the latest technological equipments and specially formulated in-house products to cater to the special needs of Asian skin.
Bioskin is committed in being the solution to various skin, body and hair problems through in-house formulated treatments and high technology equipment.
Bioskin’s signature treatments, specially catering to pimple-prone skin and dealing with pigmented, matured skin problems have built the company’s reputation in the skin care field.

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Wide Range of Treatments: From Robotrim 3-in-1 to LipoFreeze and Electrotherapy, we offer a diverse array of slimming treatments tailored to your needs.
Latest Fat-Burning Technologies: Our advanced technologies are designed to target and eliminate stubborn fat, helping you achieve your desired body shape.
Personalized Solutions: With a perfect slimming treatment for everyone, our experts customize solutions that address your unique concerns and goals.
Expert Guidance: Our experienced professionals guide you through each step, ensuring your journey to a slimmer you is safe and effective.
Contour Enhancement: Smooth out your body's contours and embrace newfound confidence with our results-driven slimming treatments.

Price upon consultation