About the Company

It has been 20 years since the initial release of the Birdy. Development began with a review of the fundamentals of “run” and “fold”. What do you need to fold faster and more compactly?
The answer was to design everything from scratch. The concept is “DNA change”. The goal was to further heighten each item as much as possible while keeping the character evaluated as “the best overall balance”. A sense of rigidity is improved, and another level of driving stability is achieved. The performance of the Birdy has evolved into the strongest riding partner for everyone.

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Products: Birdy Bikes, Bags, Cases & Covers, Carriers, Lowriders & Adaptors, Mudguards, Chain Tensioners & Wheel Stoppers, Stems, Seat Posts & Kickstands, Suspensions, Trolley Wheels & Tyres
The successive Birdy has been seasoned like a mountain bike in an upright position that is easy for everyone to handle.
Fast and compact folding capabilities.
Birdy is highly customisable to make it unique for each individual.
We provide free installation for accessories that are bought from us.
We provide free paint touch-ups for all of our bikes that are still under our warranty.
You can test ride up to two bike models of your preferred choice. Each test ride will be 30 minutes long. Each test ride slot will be limited to three pax.
We provide check and tuning services for Birdy Bikes. If you are the first-hand owner of our bikes, we provide one year free checks, brake calibration, and tuning services.
All of our bikes include a warranty. We offer 2-years warranty on frame and 1-year warranty on the parts and components, under normal usage.

Price starts from S$2299-6899