About the Company

Bonbon Blowout Bar+ is the first selfie blowout bar in Singapore to firstly focus on the lookbook of our blowouts- We’ve carefully crafted our menu around this as a blowout is the easiest way to switch up your hairstyle, look good and feel better! #ForTheGram

What’s there not to love about having your scalp and hair cleansed, massaged and styled professionally? Walk out feeling Fresher, Bouncier and Happier! Bonbon Blowout Bar+ promises to deliver the best blowouts- no matter the length of your hair. Be it Tousled Chic, Victoria’s Secret Sultry or The Girl Next Door’s bounce; Whatever blowout that YOU CAN DREAM OF, WE CAN ACHIEVE.

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Free consultation
Special promotions available
Services: Cut & Style, Color, Perm/Rebond, Hair & Scalp Care, Kids
If our service does not meet your expectation for any reason, return within 7 days and your stylist will perform any service necessary to resolve the problem to your satisfaction

Price starts from SGD364-634

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