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For generations, Bosch home appliances have contributed to making everyday life even easier: as remarkably undemanding helpers they have continuously met the highest demands of their owners. For roughly one and a half centuries they have been undertaking countless tedious tasks in equally countless households – simply to save us the time needed for improving our quality of life.

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High-Quality Lithium-Ion Battery Technology: Bosch stick vacuum cleaners are powered by advanced lithium-ion batteries, ensuring consistent and impressive cleaning performance. These batteries are known for their durability, long life, and quick charging capabilities.
Cordless Convenience with Strong Suction: Despite being cordless, Bosch stick vacuums maintain strong suction power, often matching or even exceeding the suction strength of traditional corded vacuums. This technology provides freedom of movement without compromising cleaning effectiveness.
Bendable Flex Tube Design: The innovative Flex Tube design allows the vacuum cleaner to bend easily, making it effortless to clean under furniture, in tight spaces, and around obstacles. This feature enhances maneuverability and ensures thorough cleaning throughout the home.
Versatile Accessories: Bosch stick vacuum cleaners come with a range of accessories designed for specific cleaning needs. These accessories include crevice tools for reaching narrow spaces, furniture brushes for delicate surfaces, and ProAnimal brush bars for efficient pet hair removal.
Ease of Use Features: The vacuum cleaners are designed for user convenience, with features like self-standing functions for easy storage, easy-clean brush rolls for maintenance, and integrated storage solutions for accessories. These design elements enhance the overall user experience.
Innovative Battery System: Bosch stick vacuums incorporate an innovative battery system that allows for quick charging times, ensuring minimal downtime during cleaning sessions. Some models also offer the option to double the runtime by using a second power pack, providing virtually unlimited cleaning time for larger spaces.

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