About the Company

Bosomi is a well-known diapers brand in Korea. In 1994, Axis was launched and The first diapers launched was named Axis in 1994 before changing the name to Bosomi in 2004. In 2009, Bosomi started the 1st phase of Mam Market and in 2011 they launched the first baby health institute to research and better improvised on their baby diapers. In 2013, they are rewarded the Top 1 baby diapers with the best absorption. In 2014 celebrating their 20years birthday of the birth of Bosomi. In 2017, Bosomi launched their first premium cotton diaper. In 2019, they have won the 1st in diaper category for the premium brand index.

GoCompare view on Bosomi Diaper

100% U.S. cotton materials and upgraded absorption power
360-degree Air Cover
Double-up Leg Band and Double Stretching Cotton Band
Urine Alert Line

Price starts from S$16-67