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Bump Birth & Beyond, an online Antenatal courses for parents to-be. Empowering parents & babies all.

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Course covers a range of information giving birth and self & baby care post labor, including baby care & breastfeeding, delivering a baby, baby blues vs depression, nutritions, etc
Teachers: Linda Woo (former infant care trained head teacher, certified in Early Childhood), Tan Ye Ting (certified nutrition & dietitian specializing in pediatric & chronic diseases in adults), Esther Yap (the founder of Bump Birth & Beyond)
What you'll get upon buying the online program: Postpartum Education Class, Informative Power Packed Videos + Practical Tutorial Videos on 3 important modules on Baby Care, Labor Care (natural & cesarean section), Breastfeeding Care education, Downloadable Course Worksheets, Extra module for Postpartum Nutrition and Postpartum Mind & Body, Exclusive deals with partners for Pre & Post Natal, One-Time Live Zoom Call (Lessons Followup), Support Follow Up Call (2 weeks Postpartum), Membership Lifetime Access, Breastfeeding WhatsApp Support Group
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Price starts from S$227