About the Company

Canine Wellness and Rehab Centre, established in 2012, is committed to providing a clean and hygienic indoor hydrotherapy pool for dogs. With a focus on rehabilitation, relaxation, and fun, we offer hydrotherapy sessions that promote overall well-being. Our experienced team recognizes the benefits of water therapy for dogs, including trauma treatment, injury prevention, and enhanced healing. We take pride in creating a safe and welcoming environment where dogs can enjoy the healing qualities of hydrotherapy, ensuring their welfare and wellness.

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Services: Hydrotherapy, Fitness Swim, Hydro Treadmill
Specially designed indoor hydrotherapy pool with safety and benefits for dogs in mind.
Heated pool with adjustable temperature for optimal comfort.
Disinfected and sterilized water using mild chlorine and UV sterilizer.
Underwater viewing window for owners to observe their dogs' swimming and therapist's assessment.

Price upon consultation