About the Company

CHIMPCHAMP is a city fitness display aim to inspire more people to workout. We provide diverse classes at affordable price in convenient locations. We rekindle the passion of healthy lifestyle for city bustler by creating a space for them to breakthrough both physical and mental barrier, ultimately unleashing the CHAMPion in them.

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Cleaning cloth will be provided after class together to clean the equipment
14 different programs to choose from ranging from Les Mills BODYCOMBAT™ , BODYPUMP™, ZUMBA, TABATA and HIIT programs for everyone
BodyCombat: The front kicks and jumping knee kicks from Taekwondo, combined with MMA grappling moves and Boxing's Jab Cross combine in 1 hour
CHIMPCHAMP employs airflow specialist designer during its renovation to ensure air inlet and outlet are designed properly and exceed the requirements of the authorities

Price starts from SGD175-920