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City Energy provides a continuous supply of piped gas safely and reliably. To encourage low-carbon living, our piped gas solutions can be used beyond cooking, including showering and laundry. We are committed to being more than just the energy that powers your home – we energise daily living.

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Safe & Reliable
Compact and Saves Space
Piped gas requires no additional storage space unlike LPG that is stored in a cylinder
We provide a continuous gas supply, without the need to worry about running out of gas compared to cylinder LPG supply
We are experienced in supplying piped gas islandwide to households and businesses in Singapore. City Energy’s piped town gas is lighter than air. It will rise and dissipate in the air in the event of a gas leak
Services: Turning-On and Termination of Gas Supply, Work Involving Extension/Alteration of Gas Pipe (Exposed) in HDB Premises, Works Involving Gas Appliance in HDB and Private Premises, Service Request, Gas Safety Support (GSS) Plan

Price starts from S$21-300

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