About the Company

CleanHomes was founded by property professionals who understands and aim to maintain the high standards of hygiene requirements of home owners and tenants today in Singapore. Operating since 2008, we take pride in providing quality professional cleaning and sanitising services for homes, apartments, offices. CleanHomes is the leading specialist in organic de-dustmite steam cleaning process to sanitise curtains, carpets, mattresses and sofas. We customise each experience to cater to the different needs of each client. Our mission is to create a clean and sanitised environment to meet the modern healthy living lifestyle that everyone deserves.
For our professional cleaning services, we use quality environmental friendly non-toxic products instead of harsh chemicals which are safe for children & pets to protect your homes. Employing the latest technology in equipments, the sanitising process is quicker and more effective than traditional methods as we know your time is precious.

Views from CleanHomes

Services: Bathroom cleaning, commercial cleaning works, customised professional cleaning, de-dustmite high temperature mattress deep steam cleaning, degreasing of kitchen, floor machine scrubbing with coating guard, leather treatment, sanitising spring cleaning service, etc
Also offers cleaning products and materials for purchase
Complimentary sanitisation and disinfection for a limited time
Packages include: HEPA vacuums, few sets of ladders (up to 7-steps, if require above 7-steps, please inform us during your booking). Trolley full of cleaning chemicals (disinfectants, eco-friendly solutions that is suitable and safe for different type of surfaces, microfiber cloths and mops, brushes, cleaning tools