About the Company

Combi (short for “Combination) was established in 1968 as an enterprise that is a “partner” to mother and child. In 2002 Combi adopted a new brand slogan to communicate it no longer only caters to mothers and newborns but to all caretakers and small children. Through living our vision, mission and values, we strive to support parents to have a happy childhood with their children. We hope Combi may serve as an extra hand in child-rearing through product designs that bring happiness (joy and touch) and taste (quality, reliability, elegance).

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Converts into 4 different positions: cradling, forward facing, rearward facing, and back carry
Stylish in mobility with less pressure
3D head guard provides multi-directional protection to baby’s head
Good ventilation for facilitating heat release

Price starts from S$208