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Cordlife is amongst the leading players for family cord blood banking services in all the markets it operates in, namely Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, Indonesia and the Philippines. Inhabiting a distinctive niche in the healthcare industry, the Group is one of the foremost family cord blood banks to have gained a solid foothold in Asia.
In the last 21 years, Cordlife has dedicated its undertakings to achieve market leadership in the industry. Having built a distinguished brand name, the Group continues to strive for excellence by means of support from its experienced management team, dynamic key executives along with its quality product and service offerings. Cordlife believes the Group has in place a strong foundation for future expansion.

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Internationally Accredited Private Cord Blood Bank
Extended the biological insurance coverage of storing your baby's cord blood to 3 generations of your family with CordBlood Network
Highlight: The Cordlife Care360° Safeguard Programme which offers you: partial coverage of medical costs for hospital services when a cord blood transplantation is required, free delivery, waive off your child’s future storage payments if you or your spouse passes away or suffers from Total and Permanent Disability (TPD), Free Assurance Tests prior to a HSC Transplant, among others

Price starts from S$250

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