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High quality. Well-designed. User-friendly. These are the key tenets and core philosophy that Cornell thrives on as a dynamic, edgy brand. Fully devoted to make life simpler for consumers, Cornell has remained unwavering in its quest to produce modern electrical products of unmistakable quality enhanced with pragmatic, innovative touches. Established in the United States of America in 1995 as a producer of electric home appliances, Cornell became an instantaneous household name in Singapore with its range of Cooking and Housekeeping Equipment, Built-in Kitchen Appliances, Small Domestic Devices, Air Treatment Product Range, Freezers, Bathroom Paraphernalia and Beauty Care Gadgets. In 2005, Cornell Sales & Service Sdn Bhd acquired Cornell to emerge as the sole distributor in Malaysia and Singapore. Cornell takes great pride in producing innovative, high quality yet affordably priced products that combine modern, aesthetically pleasing designs with the latest technological know-how and environment-friendly features. Specially conceived to fulfil today’s lifestyle needs, be it at home or at the workplace, Cornell has three distinct product categories available – Professional’s Home Equipment, Elegance Series and Simplicity.

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Powerful Suction: Equipped with a high-power motor providing continuous suction, such as 14000Pa, for effective dirt and debris removal.
Multi-Purpose Design: Features a lightweight and versatile design that can be easily converted from an upright vacuum to a handheld vacuum for various cleaning tasks.
Cyclone HEPA Filtration: Utilizes advanced cyclone and HEPA filtration systems to capture fine dust particles as small as 0.3 microns, ideal for households with pets and children.
Easy Maintenance: Designed for easy emptying and cleaning of the dustbin and filters, ensuring convenient and energy-saving maintenance.
Long Cord and Flexible Range: Offers a long cord length, such as 5 meters, and flexible range combinations for hassle-free maneuverability during cleaning.
Wall-Mounted Storage: Provides the option for wall-mounted storage after cleaning, optimizing space and simplifying storage solutions.
Warranty and Service: Includes a one-year warranty and comprehensive customer service for peace of mind and reliable performance.

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