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Cristofori is the largest piano company and music school in Singapore, with over 30 centres across the island. Established 40 years ago, Cristofori has satisfied over 60,000 piano customers and taught over a million students to play music. With its extensive knowledge of pianos and a popular range of quality musical instruments, Cristofori has now expanded its network to the global market. It is rapidly emerging as a new player in the international scene, bringing Music, Passion, and Life to people worldwide.

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Classes: Piano Lessons, Guitar Lessons, Violin Lessons, Drum Lessons, Ukulele Lessons, Pre-School Music Academia (I CAN PLAY), Music Theory Lessons
CRISTOFORI’s piano teachers are certified instructors while our syllabus is developed by a professional panel of music educators and industry specialists.
I CAN PLAY guides beginners to progress from bare basics to the next level with structure – all without losing the fun and rewarding experience that keeps 3-5 year olds eager for more.
The Only Institution In Singapore With Tailor-Made Instruments For 3-5 Years Old.

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