About the Company

DoggyFriend lets your pet relish the ultimate experience of leading a healthy life! With an enormous number of brand associations, varied range of pet food and essentials, we are here to sort it all. DoggyFriend has turned out to be a leading dog food retailer in Singapore. We also serve cat food in Singapore and get extremely delighted to see the healthy paws bow – down in excitement! We are proud to be the choice of millions and do all that it takes to continue to be!

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Free delivery in less than 36hours in SINGAPORE (>$50)
Doggyfriend.com offers a loyalty program for their customers, where they can earn points for purchases and redeem them for discounts on future orders
Doggyfriend offers a diverse range of products and accessories catering to dogs, cats, and small animals. Range of products include Apparel, Bottle, Bottle Nozzle, Bowls, Pet Beds, Car Decals, Carriers, Chill Pad, Collars and Leashes, Feeding Mats, Paul Frank, Pet Tags, Poop Bags, Richell, Ruffwear, Stroller, ThunderShirt, Toiletries, Tooth Brush, Tote Bags, Training, Wipes, and Beach Day Out essentials

Price starts from SGD6