About the Company

DomesticONE is a reputable domestic service provider in Singapore, offering part-time maids, cleaning, and babysitting services with over 10 years of industry expertise. As a registered and licensed agency, we prioritize customer satisfaction by providing highly trained and experienced local maids and helpers. Our commitment to flexibility allows customers to customize cleaning schedules and services, ensuring a clean, tidy, and comfortable home environment tailored to their needs.

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Flexible Cleaning Services: DomesticONE offers a range of cleaning services including part-time maids, regular housekeeping, ad-hoc cleaning, spring cleaning, pre-moving/post-renovation cleaning, office/workspace cleaning, and babysitting, allowing customers to choose according to their needs.
All customers are entitled to up to three free replacements of maids/helpers.
A registered and licensed cleaning company with both NEA and MOM - 48 hours service warranty

Price starts from S$18-22 per hour