About the Company

Based in Singapore. Doorlab welcomes you and your family home. Our aim is to be as transparent with our customers. We strive to protect and secure your home. We ensure the premium quality of products to fulfill your needs for your hbd and home. We provide huge ranges of colors and laminate solid doors for you to choose from; such as Main Doors, Bedroom Doors, Slide & Swing Toilet Doors as well as Mild Steel Gates. We are hdb main door and gate supplier in Singapore. Should you need any customization, we are here for you too. We also provide a huge range of Yale Digital Door Locks and Door Viewers, which are highly recommended in Singapore.

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Special promotions available
Specialises in laminate and fire rated doors
Door types: main doors, bedroom doors, slide and swing toilet doors, and HDB doors
Some package deals include Dismantle & Disposal of existing door, Installation, Cylindrical Lock, Magnetic Stopper, Stainless Steel Hinges

Price starts from S$268-758

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