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Dr. Lai is aware that many practitioners have a pre-set idea of the best way to deliver a baby or treat a gynaecological condition. In contrast, he takes the time to listen to what you want – whatever that may be. Your choices are important to him; he will not push you down a particular path unless he believes it is in your best interest. Even then, you will not be subjected to scare tactics. He believes in offering real choices, supported by evidence based practice and does not believe in using fear in pressuring women into a course of action.

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An active supporter of natural birthing options and is willing to attend a home birth
Utilises methods such as HypnoBirthing and Spinning Babies
Started the waterbirth movement in private hospitals in Singapore
Dr. Lai is certified by the Fetal Medicine Foundation, London for: NT Scan, Nasal bone, Ductus venosus flow and tricuspid flow assessment (see certificate), as well as accreditated by KK Hospital for level 3 obstetric fetal anomaly scans, Chorionic villous sampling (CVS), amniocentesis and laparoscopic surgery
Routinely incorporates additional markers in the first trimester combined screening
Offers detailed 20-week ultrasound scans for fetal anomalies

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