About the Company

#1 ELITE Sports Academy in Singapore. Train and learn from Experts teacher with kids, teens and adults. Boxing, Muay Thai, self defense, Kids Academy, Kids camp, Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing, MMA, PT, Triathlon & more. We offer private & group classes. Join us today for a trial. #WeAreElite

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Free trial available
Also offers fitness livestream class on Zoom
We customized and tailor our training program for your specific needs
Elite Coach offers premium fitness classes in Singapore (Private or Group Training)
We also have fitness classes for kids & teenagers (any levels, from beginners to athletes)
Our Elite Personal Trainers specialized in Fitness, HIIT, Toning, Cardio, Weight loss, Conditioning, Stretching
You can enjoy our classes in Elite Coach Studio (Novena) or you can request for Personal Training at your location

Price starts from SGD160-250