About the Company

EVVA develops and manufactures mechanical and electronic access control systems. Since its foundation in Vienna in 1919, EVVA has always been a family-owned business. We continue to run research, development and production facilities at our company headquarters in Vienna to export our products to all four corners of the world. However, EVVA is not just a manufacturer of security products, EVVA is also a reliable contact for any security issues customers or partners may have.

GoCompare view on Evva

EVVA’s electronic cylinders offer maximum protection for buildings with many authorised users
Access authorisations can be managed easily and securely using modern software solutions for desktop and mobile applications: Issuing new access media, Extending authorisations, Blocking of existing accesses
A wide range of access media available to operate EVVA electronic access systems: Access via smartphone, Standard card, mini tag or key fob, and Combi key or bracelet

Price starts from S$749-1299