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EXPRESSIONS provides a selection of slimming, facial and aesthetic programs and products. Our programs are carefully curated after modern methodology.

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Clinically Proven: Expressions offers specialized facial treatments backed by clinical research, ensuring effective and proven results for various skin concerns.
Suitable for All Skin Types: Their treatments are suitable for all skin types, making them accessible and beneficial for a wide range of individuals.
Tailored to Skin Concerns: Treatments are developed to address specific concerns such as acne, pores, dark spots, dullness, hydration, and more.
Anti-Aging Solutions: Expressions focuses on reversing signs of aging, providing treatments that target fine lines, wrinkles, and other age-related skin issues.
Flawless Radiance: Expressions promises to deliver healthy, radiant skin, helping clients achieve a flawless and youthful appearance without resorting to surgery.

Price starts from S$336

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