About the Company

Fabulous Group was conceptualized in 2006 by Richard Sng and has made waves in Singapore since. Awakened by the blossoming trends in beauty while envisioning a business that redefines “the price of beauty,” he took his dream and turned it into reality.
In 2014, with a refreshing revamp and major rebranding, the award-winning Fabulous Group is now known as Fabulous Aesthetics, an all-in-one beauty salon that offers luxurious yet affordable high-tech beauty treatments that come.

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Fabulous only uses quality medical devices and equipment from reputable suppliers to ensure that these standards are never compromised. - Slimming treatments offered at Fabulous Aesthetics incorporate the latest advanced technologies.
Body slimming treatments: RF Slimming, Freeze Sculpt, Accoustic Wave, Indiba
Complimentary juice every visit made only with the freshest ingredients - no added sugar, preservatives or flavoring.
Special promotions for first timers.

Price starts from S$128-788

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