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First Impressions Image International, led by Suzenne Zheng, is a distinguished personal branding and image consultancy with over 20 years of expertise. Suzenne, a renowned Keynote Speaker, Author, and NLP Coach, specializes in transforming individuals and professionals through tailored Image Management and Personal Branding programs. As the Master Franchisee of First Impressions UK for Asia and a certified Image Consultant trainer, Suzenne’s impact spans financial institutions, government agencies, educational establishments, healthcare, corporate sectors, and more. With a proven record of excellence and testimonials from prominent clients, First Impressions excels in enhancing personal and professional presence, leaving lasting impressions.

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Personal Branding: Craft a compelling personal brand statement and enhance your online presence.
Impressions Management: Master the art of first impressions and self-image transformation.
Image Management: Learn to dress confidently and appropriately for various occasions, projecting authority and style.
Corporate Charisma: Develop social graces, business etiquette, and networking skills to stand out in the corporate world.
Effective Communication Skills: Build rapport, improve body language, and enhance communication using NLP techniques.
Presentation Skills: Learn to engage, influence, and deliver powerful presentations with confidence.
Public Speaking Skills: Overcome public speaking fears and captivate audiences with artful speaking.
Selling Skills: Build rapport, elicit buyer's strategies, handle objections, and close deals elegantly.
Negotiations Skills & Managing Conflicts: Master negotiation techniques and conflict resolution strategies.
Personal Coaching: Unlock your potential for personal and professional growth.
Empowering Yourself For A Change: Shift from competence to confidence and set SMART goals.
Certification To Become An Image And/Or Etiquette Consultant: Gain expertise to coach others in image and etiquette.

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