About the Company

FixinGuru is a Singapore handyman and cleaning company based in the west of the island. We pride ourselves as the local handyman that you can trust and hire.
Our team of handyman and cleaners are all well-trained and have numerous years of experiences working at different apartments and houses all across Singapore. We believe that we can help you out with almost anything in the house. If you ask, we will make it happen. The high quality work that we do is the main reason why our customers keep coming back to us to fix things in their houses.

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Flexible arrangement and fees
Provides a reliable plumbing repair service to all Singapore customers at a transparent and flexible fee
Plumbing services: Toilet Repair & Installation, Pipe Services, Kitchen Sink, Water Tap Repair, Installation, and Replacement, Shower Set Installation and Repair

Price starts from S$60

400 reviews