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Established in 2016, Fleek Image is a dedicated coaching agency specializing in enhancing dating, professional, and social skills and image. Collaborating with a seasoned team of coaches and lifestyle brands, Fleek empowers individuals to cultivate their best selves through skill development and styling. Offering personalized coaching and dynamic workshops, Fleek presents a comprehensive range of services crucial for nurturing personal brands. As a sister company of GaiGai, an offline dating agency under the ownership of Paktor Group, Fleek stands at the forefront of holistic self-improvement.

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Tailored Programs: Fleek Image offers personalized coaching programs curated to meet the unique needs and goals of each individual client.
Certified Coaches: Our team of professional, certified coaches ensures high-quality guidance and support for effective personal development.
Comprehensive Services: From image and style enhancement to dating, social skills, and professional coaching, Fleek covers a wide spectrum of self-improvement areas.
Specialized Heartbreak Coaching: The "Mend & Move On" coaching helps clients navigate challenging times and emerge stronger after heartbreak.
Virtual Coaching: Fleek provides convenient virtual coaching options, making self-improvement accessible from anywhere.
Interactive Workshops: Engaging workshops and events provide hands-on learning and practical skills application.
Affiliation with GaiGai: As a sister company of GaiGai and part of the Paktor Group, Fleek Image brings a wealth of experience in dating and relationship dynamics.

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