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For the Love of Laundry is a Singapore-based company that is dedicated to providing toxin-free laundry services to its customers. Using GreenEarth, an all-natural liquid silicone, we offer a gentle and effective cleaning solution that rejuvenates even the most delicate fabrics, leaving clothes looking better, feeling cleaner, and lasting longer. Unlike most dry cleaners that use petroleum-based solvents, which can cause long-term damage to clothes and pose serious health and environmental risks, our liquid silicone is derived from sand and is non-allergenic and mild enough to rub on your skin. With a commitment to sustainability and the environment, For the Love of Laundry is the go-to choice for anyone looking for safe, effective, and eco-friendly laundry services.

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For the Love of Laundry uses toxin-free technology called Greenearth to clean clothes, making it safe for you, your clothes, and the environment.
Services: Leather Cleaning Service, Carpet Cleaning Service, Curtain Cleaning Service
Also offer express laundry services.
Other services: alterations, shoe and bag cleaning, as well as cleaning miscellaneous items including but not limited to, stuffed toys, mascots, stuffed pet beds, carpets, pram/ stroller/ car seat inserts, baby carriers.
They are environmentally conscious and use biodegradable plastic carriers and encourage the return of plastic hangers for reuse or recycle.
Their loyalty programme ensures up to 20% savings.

Price starts from S$7

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