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FORZA is powered by soccer enthusiasts who are driven to provide the definitive soccer equipment service. It is this healthy blend of passion, drive and knowledge that has seen FORZA evolve from a mere dream to a leading supplier of PVC soccer goals. Our range of PVC goals feature an innovative essential locking system, which sets them apart from the competition. Our Alu60 goals have been used by professionals and amateurs alike, while our premium Alu110 goals make the professional dream a reality. FORZA’s expertize isn’t limited to goals, however, as we stock everything from soccer balls to referee vanishing spray in our very own 120,000 square foot on-site warehouse. Our reach is global, as exemplified in our commitment to providing super-fast shipping to all four corners. Our range is ever-expanding, with our ears pressed firmly to the ground to source the latest must-have soccer equipment. Whether you’re looking for equipment for kids’ soccer, futsal, 5-a-side or senior 11 v 11 matches, FORZA has everything you need to make the beautiful game even more enjoyable. Please call 01691 683807 or email us for friendly expert advice!

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Leading Supplier of PVC Soccer Goals: FORZA has evolved into a leading supplier of PVC soccer goals, offering a range featuring an innovative essential locking system that sets them apart from competitors.
Professional-Grade Alu60 and Alu110 Goals: The Alu60 goals are utilized by both professionals and amateurs, while the premium Alu110 goals fulfill the dreams of playing at a professional level.
Comprehensive Soccer Equipment Range: Beyond goals, FORZA stocks an extensive range of soccer equipment, including soccer balls, referee vanishing spray, and more, all available from their 120,000 square foot on-site warehouse.
Versatile Equipment for All Ages and Formats: Whether it's equipment for kids’ soccer, futsal, 5-a-side, or senior 11 v 11 matches, FORZA offers everything needed to enhance the enjoyment of the beautiful game.

Price starts from S$29-29215