About the Company

At Four Trimesters, we know that every woman wants a good and safe birthing experience for a positive start into motherhood. We believe every woman deserves a good birth experience so we’ve created a transformational antenatal program with nurtured doula support so women can believe in their ability to truly express womanhood.

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Offers both in-person classes and online classes
Four Trimesters Antenatal classes are taught by practicing Birth Doulas who are also in the know of what actually happens at the birth, be it hospital or home births as well as actively supporting women and their families postnatal
Provides REAL tools that have been proven to support patients through an easier, shorter and more relaxed birth
Access to a WhatsApp group chat and FREE meet-ups with the Four Trimesters parents circle community
Course highlights: workbooks and worksheets, Weekly WhatsApp, cmplimentary Online Antenatal Classes, refreshments

Price starts from S$399-1499

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