About the Company

To our clients, we provide first class services at honest prices. Our grooming artisans make it a point for every paws that walk through our salon to feel comfortable during and after every grooming session. We also go beyond the support for pet adoption. We believe that the grooming experience must also be humane and enjoyable. To our grooming artisans, we provide a healthy and happy environment to work at. We remunerate our grooming artisans with a competitive salary, and we protect them from any disrespectful service experience.

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Enjoy 2 sessions of free spa and see if it’s right for your pets
Services: full grooming, basic grooming, spa
Spa's specialties: Spa with Herbal, Organic Oat, CO2 Fizz, Bath Bomb
Also offers Day Care Services as well as sulphate free products for purchase
Fursclass specialises in ethical pet grooming services. We are cage-free and cruelty-free

Price starts from SGD10-170